Divorce Filings After the Holidays

Did you know divorce filings jump up by almost one-third after the holiday season? In the new year, the first Monday after the holidays is known as Divorce Day. On this day, many attorneys get bombarded with divorce emails. January, in general, has the most legal breakups than any other month.

According to research done by the U.K. law firm Slater and Gordon, there several reasons behind this influx of inquiries on divorce.  Below are some of their findings:

  • In 2014, 40 percent of married couples had problems right before Christmas; 10 percent of these people had severe problems.
  • 25 percent of married couples said the holiday break could make or break the marriage; 10 percent of couples said they would decide during the break if they would continue the marriage.

There are many reasons why people wait until after the holiday season to file for divorce. These reasons include:

  • People want to preserve peace in the family.
  • People want to keep the family together during the holidays.
  • People don’t want to associate the holidays with divorce.
  • People don’t want to upset their children during the holidays.
  • People tend to be stressed already during this season, and they don’t want to add to it.
  • People want to wait for the new year so they can still file their taxes jointly.

People often reflect on their life with the New Year approaching; they may be tempted to leave their spouse to start of January with a clean slate. The holidays are a stressful time of year, even for the happiest of couples, so a lot of strain can be placed on the marriage.

If feelings and consideration of divorce aren’t fleeting or temporary, then reaching out to a divorce lawyer, like myself, is your best bet. By January, if the marriage still is not working, it is time for many to move on.  There is no “perfect” or good time to file for divorce. File when you feel ready, even if it happens to be right after the holidays. Divorce is a personal decision; overall, the day you file doesn’t matter.

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