What is a Facebook Divorce?

A Facebook divorce is a term that refers to the role that social media plays in separations, divorces, and even child custody cases. Facebook divorce is how it is referenced, but all other social media sites are included in the term.

If you participate in social media, your whereabouts, history, and actions are all publicized online for anyone to see. Some of the websites have privacy settings, but those cannot always be guaranteed to keep information out of the hands of others. Unfortunately, most people think that online actions don’t hold as much weight as “real life” actions. For example, someone might think that flirting online is innocent, whereas flirting in a bar is wrong. The truth is that someone who is broadcasting their thoughts and actions online can experience serious repercussions if they are in the midst of a divorce or trying to obtain custody of a child.

Divorce attorneys can, and will, use social media to gather information on the other spouse which creates the term Facebook divorce. Facebook makes the search for incriminating information a lot easier in gathering together a strong case against the other party. Your actions, and even location, are just a simple click of the mouse if you participate in Facebook, Twitter, and other social websites.

How does social media play a role in divorce? Here are some ways:

  • You tell your spouse that you are at your mother’s house, but are tagged in pictures out at a bar with friends.
  • If your spouse changes his/her Facebook status to “single and looking”, then that gives the indication that they might partake in an affair.
  • Many couples fight over the use of Facebook. Studies have found that one in seven people have thought about divorce based on their spouse’s usage of social media. This, however, could just be the catalyst that fires up insecurities in the marriage itself.
  • If you are taking a lot of trips, boast about your raise, and display things that you are buying, this can tell a story about your financial situation. This information can be a basis on how child support/alimony is determined and/or upheld.
  • Social media makes it easy to cheat. Up to 14% of married people use the internet to have an affair.

A word to the wise…if you are contemplating divorce or are in the middle of a divorce, refrain from social media altogether. You might think that deleting posts might keep you “safe”, but realize that these posts are still in archives and can be retrieved by courts. Facebook divorces are real in our technological world. Try to keep your thoughts and actions to yourself and only discussed with your divorce attorney.

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