Flat Fee Service Packages

Most divorce attorneys will tell you they cannot tell you the cost of a divorce. This is because attorneys bill by the hour. Or at least they used to.

Flat fees are becoming more popular, and with good reason. Imagine knowing up front how much you need to pay your attorney. No more worrying about the cost of every phone call or every email. No more fear that your family law attorney is dragging things out to increase your bill. And no more getting a bill every month asking for another retainer.

Our services provide an additional value that few family law firms can match. We only work with a limited number of clients at a time. This allows us to provide the personal service and support that our clients need.

We offer different flat fee service packages. Each runs for a period of time and covers most of the attorney’s services you would need to finish your divorce.

Our Service Packages:


Many people do not hire a lawyer for their divorce. This is a decision that should only be made after consultation with an attorney. In those cases where it makes sense to handle your own divorce, you will still need help. The process is confusing and its easy to make mistakes or reach an incomplete agreement.

Our Gold Service Package allows you to have the support and assistance of an attorney on an as needed basis while you handle the divorce. We let you know what forms to file. We answer questions about documents you need to provide. We also review and settlement proposals, parenting plans and help you prepare for mediation.

Additional services, such as drafting documents or agreements, can be added to this package.

Package can also be upgraded to full or limited representation

This service does not include full representation by Lori Barkus and her team.

A General consultation is required with this package. The consultation fee will be credited to this package if package is purchased within 7 days from the date of the consultation.


Did you know that over 90% of divorces settle without going to trial?

Most likely, your case will reach a settlement. There is a big difference between giving up and signing and agreement and reaching a successful divorce settlement. Our process helps you have a successful divorce by planning for a fair settlement and working with you to get there.

Our Silver Service Packages are recommended for marital estates of less than $2 million of gross income under $500,000.

Our Silver Service Package is full representation. We are handling the divorce on your behalf and are there to support you throughout the process.

Our Silver Service Package runs 6-9 months. We prepare all documents in your case. We are there with you throughout the process to answer calls and emails. Attorneys are also available for meetings and strategy sessions. We draft all of your settlement documents and we go to mediation with you. We are there with you to get the divorce finalized.

If your case requires a trial, there will be an extra trial preparation fee.


Some cases are more complex. You may have a high asset/high net worth divorce which requires an experienced attorney and additional experts. There may be a high conflict personality. Or there may be concerns over the safety of children.

This exclusive service which is only offered to a very small number of clients so that we can provide this level of service. Our Platinum Service package allows for the highest level of involvement from Lori Barkus and the Sustainable Family Solutions team. Platinum clients have priority access to Lori Barkus’s calendar to schedule meetings and calls. Lori Barkus will also personally attend mediation with you. In addition to the regular financial discovery in all court cases, Platinum Services include subpoenas for additional documents and financial audits, if required. This service can also include court hearings, depositions and working with accountants, guardian ad litem, investigators and evaluators.
As a Platinum Service client, your case will get the personal attention it deserves and you will know that, if urgent matters come up, as they will when there are disputes over children or finances, we will be available to act immediately on your behalf.

Trial preparation fees, if trial is needed, are in addition to the Platinum Service Package.

A consultation is required with this service. Consultation fees will be credited to your service package if package purchased within 7 days of your consultation.

NOT INCLUDED with any service:

  • Court reporters.
  • Mediator fee.
  • Fees for Investigators, any experts/evaluators, guardian ad litem, child and family investigator.
  • Subpoena fees to process servers or third party invoices for producing documents.
  • Witness fees for attending hearings.
  • Trial


Lori Barkus was a Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator for more than twelve years. She helped many couples mediate their divorce without lawyers and found that work very fulfilling. But one thing many couples struggled with was needing legal advice during the process but having no where to go for it. This would sometimes cause the couple to leave mediation, hire lawyers and spend a lot of money they did not want to spend. Lori realized that most people need access to legal advice during the mediation process.

Our Support Services Packages address that need. With this package, you will receive the support of our team to help you have a successful mediation. You will have a set number of Strategy Sessions with an attorney to prepare for mediation by understanding the process and helping you create and respond to settlement proposals. We will also review your financial disclosures, settlement agreement and parenting plan and suggest edits.

A General Consultation is required with this service. The consultation fee is credited towards your service package if purchased within 7 days of your consultatio.