Florida divorce mediation without attorneys

Florida divorce mediation is a way for you and your spouse to work through divorce, child custody and division of assets without hiring attorneys. If you choose this route, you may have a less expensive divorce and a better co-parenting relationship.


The role of a divorce mediator

I am a South Florida family law attorney, but, as a mediator, I do not act as an attorney. This means that I cannot give either of you legal advice. But, as a divorce mediator, I can work with you to come up with an agreement that resolves all of your divorce and parenting issues. I can also prepare a marital settlement agreement and parenting plan.


Pro se mediation services/ Flat fee mediation

 In a divorce mediation without attorneys (also called pro se mediation), you and your spouse work with a mediator to come up with an agreement. We offer flat fee mediation services which include mediation time, preparing a settlement agreement, preparing a parenting plan and providing you with a list of the Florida family law forms you need to file for divorce. We can also help you prepare the forms. With Florida divorce mediation, your divorce may cost less than hiring one attorney, let alone two.


Is Florida divorce mediation right for me?

 This is a decision you and your spouse will have to make. Here are some things you may want to consider:


  • Do you have children together?

In over ten years of mediating Florida divorces, I most often hear people say they chose this process because they do not want to have a bitter divorce. When children are involved, it is very important for their sake for their parents to get along as best as possible. Divorces that involve hiring a lawyer and going to court often increase the animosity between the parents. The mediation process allows you to make decisions together and sets the tone for a better post-divorce relationship.


  • Do you feel comfortable being in the same room with your spouse and discussing settlement options? 

As a divorce mediator, I will be able to assist both of you with discussing the issues, and I can also make suggestions and suggest options for solving different concerns. But you and your spouse will need to speak with one another during the mediation sessions. I will do everything to keep that conversation about issues and not about the past or the marriage, but it is important that both of you are comfortable having a discussion with one another.


  • Do you have questions about income, assets or property?

As part of the Florida divorce process, you and your spouse have to disclose to each other your assets and liabilities- basically, everything you own and everything you owe. Mediation can only work if both parties are honest and upfront. If you suspect that your spouse is hiding money or assets, mediation is not the right choice for you.

But, mediation can still work in cases where your spouse provides you with all of this information but there are still questions about income or assets. As part of the mediation process, you can always speak with an attorney or accountant to advise you of your legal rights or help you understand the income or assets.


If you are interested in divorce mediation or have questions do not hesitate to contact Sustainable Family Solutions. 

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