Florida Mediation resolves divorce issues


Divorce mediation meeting

Mediation is a way for you and your spouse to work through the intricacies of separating and divorce without hiring attorneys. If you choose this route, you may have a less expensive divorce and a better co-parenting relationship.

Many married couples have found that divorce mediation works best in their situation. If you and your spouse both agree to mediation and to civilly work towards a fair agreement, then this may be the best route for you.

Working with a divorce mediator is different than hiring a family law attorney. A mediator cannot give legal advice, but can help you reach a decision about child custody (timesharing), child support, alimony, division of assets, and more. A divorce mediator who is also a family law attorney can also prepare a settlement agreement and parenting plan and help you file for divorce. Hiring a family law attorney as a divorce mediator can help create a smooth transition to being divorced.

The process for divorce mediation can take various routes depending on the couple and the situation. Some couples go through mediation without attorneys (also called pro se mediation), then the file the paperwork with the court. Others may already have an attorney and decide to involve a mediator to help reach decisions a bit faster than normal. And some couples choose to file with the courts and then work with a mediator to reach their final decisions.

Divorce mediator Lori Barkus may be able to help you and your spouse reach a final agreement in an easier, more affordable, less emotionally charged way than traditional divorce. Before you decide on divorce mediation, please have a discussion with your spouse about the option for mediation. Sustainable Family Solutions can also provide you with free information about divorce mediation. We are here to help those in the South Florida, Broward county area. Please call us at 954-349-7988 or contact us online.

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