Our Philosophy

These words fill me with sadness. Not fear or adrenaline. Just sadness because I know whomever is saying this is going down a path that will not lead to optimal results. I know you will end up spending a lot of money and not getting the promised results.

People say this out of fear. There is a difficult spouse, or an aggressive one, and they have indicated that they are going to fight this. This might be your situation. You are probably thinking you need to be protected. And that you need someone to stand up for you.

Both of those things are true. But you do not need to hire an aggressive attorney.

There is a difference between aggressive and effective. The difference lies in creating a roadmap for your divorce and a strategy to get there. In knowing how to effectively handle difficult personalities on the other side so that you get to a resolution. And in being well prepared and ready to get to the outcome. That is what we do.

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