Prenuptial Agreement

Prenuptial Agreement Laywer in Broward County

No one likes to think about divorce, especially as they plan their marriage and look forward to a happy future. However, not all marriages have a happily ever after ending.

Before tieing the knot and getting married all couples should at least consider a prenuptial agreement.

Although typically associated with those who are wealthy and who have a lot of assets, a properly drafted and executed prenuptial agreement can prove beneficial to anyone.

Regardless of whether you have lived together for a while and are making it official or if your relationship is relatively new and you have not yet comingled your assets, it’s a good idea to consider signing a prenup agreement.

Any couple living together for an extended period generally has accumulated assets – homes, furniture, possibly bank accounts, even pets. Once you get married, unless there is a prenuptial agreement, some of these may become marital property. When everything is laid out in black and white there is no room for misinterpretation. This can save a lot of bickering and headaches down the road should this ever need to come into play.  Prenuptial agreements are created in order to protect both parties and should be looked at as beneficial.

Now that same-sex marriage is legal in Florida, many couples who have been living together – some for many years – have either run to the alter or are considering marriage. Now is the time to consider a prenup as the rules of what’s mine is mine no longer apply.

It’s important to understand when drafting a prenup agreement that you need your own legal counsel. Do not rely on your spouse-to-be’s attorney to look after your legal rights.

Without a prenup should there come a time when divorce is considered you may be in for a lengthy court battle. Sustainable Family Solutions can help you sort through the details and protect you in the future.

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