Should you Hire a Divorce Coach?

If you are going through a Divorce, it could be beneficial to have a Divorce Coach as part of your support team. Jennifer Warren-Medwin explains the benefits below:

  • Saves Money – Divorce can be expensive, but when you work with a divorce coach, the amount of time you spend with other professionals (like your lawyer) tends to decrease.
  • Saves Energy – We tend to bring in emotions to the professionals helping us through a situation; a Divorce Coach can help you script these meetings so it’s more efficient and beneficial.

If you are looking to save additional energy and money, please view our flat-fee divorce services. Most divorce attorneys will tell you they cannot tell you the cost of a divorce. This is because attorneys bill by the hour.

Our services provide an additional value that few family law firms can match. We only work with a limited number of clients at a time. This allows us to provide the personal service and support that our clients need.

We offer different flat fee service packages. Each runs for a period of time and covers most of the attorney’s services you would need to finish your divorce.




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Clarity through Partnership


Divorce is a challenging time from an emotional, financial, and legal perspective. Family, friends, and support groups can offer comfort but finding the right people to be on your team is essential.

Jennifer Warren-Medwin is a Certified Divorce Coach, Certified Marital Mediator, and an Author. She partners with women going through a divorce, to help them separate the emotions from the business side of the process, and prepares her clients to be more effective in conflicts and communications.

“Often, clients spend too much time with attorneys discussing their personal narratives,” Jennifer shared with us. “Attorneys are experts in the law and often clients don’t use them for their expertise. I assist clients in helping them use their professional’s time effectively thus saving them time, money, and additional emotional distress.”

Jennifer encourages her clients to understand that they are the boss of their process, and to be forward-focused. Not every process works for everyone, but knowledge is power and financial literacy is important.

“Honor yourself and your individual journey,” Jennifer continued. “Betraying what you know to be true out of fear can only lead you down the wrong path.”

Jennifer has written a book, entitled “Strategies and Tips from a Divorce Coach: A Roadmap to Move Forward,” available on Amazon. Learn more about Jennifer and how she can help at

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“As petrified as I was for my daily routine and family dynamics to change, getting divorced was a gift that thrust me out of my comfort zone and into a world where my truth became my foundation.”

 Jennifer Warren Medwin, MS, Seeking Empowerment

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