Unbundled Legal Services

Strategic Consulting and Limited Scope Representation | Legal Services in Florida & Colorado

Why hire us?

Sustainable Family Solutions offers affordable and cost effective solutions for clients who wish to handle some or most of the work themselves on a legal matter. Many people cannot afford legal services, or do not want to pay large upfront retainers or tens of thousands of dollars on unnecessary legal work.

What is limited assistance representation?

Limited Assistance Representation: this means I can help you with the legal services you need, while you handle certain parts on the case on your own. After an initial consultation I will give you feedback on the best way to proceed. We offer a flat fee subscription service that may make the process more affordable for you.

What is strategic consulting?

One of the things many forget about family law is the need for strategizing. This does not mean “how do I beat the other side”, but is more about how do I move this case to a close, especially where the other side and/or their attorney is dragging things out. For those who are handling their case on their own, or who need a second opinion, we offer consulting services on an as needed or monthly basis. During these sessions, we will discuss the best strategy for proceeding in court or out of court. I can also coach the client on how to represent him/herself in court.

This strategy is not for everyone and should not replace legal advice when facing a complex legal situation

How does the process work?

We start by collecting some information about your case. If we feel we can help with the matter, we send you a detailed intake form to fill out. You can also securely upload documents for us to review. You can then schedule the consultation that works best for you.

Other services

At Sustainable Family Solutions, we recognize that you are more than just another case, and that there are many things going on at once for you at this time. Many people are struggling with the emotional and financial strain of divorce or paternity matters. When children are involved and custody is at issue, this can be the most emotionally trying time of your life. While most lawyers will tell you not to call your lawyer to vent about these issues (and I agree, because it adds to your fees, which only increases your stress), this doesn’t offer any help in dealing with these issues.

Everyone needs someone to talk to, and sometimes the best person for that is someone going through a similar situation. We work in connection with various support groups and therapists who can help provide the assistance that you need at this time. It is important to remember that you are not alone in this process. We help connect you with others who can help provide much needed support and assistance during this trying time.

Is there a free consultation?

We have a unique approach to consultations. Our process will give you as much information as possible- not just about the law but about your specific situation. Lori Barkus spends a lot of time preparing for the initial meeting and reviews the detailed information provided by you. If there is a court case, she will review the file as well. Our goal is to give you a roadmap for going forward and strategies for how to get there.

For our limited representation clients, we generally recommend the GENERAL CONSULTATION: This is often used in connection with our Gold and Silver services, which are described in the flat fee section of our website.

This consultation includes:

  • Detailed intake filled out by you
  • General review of documents provided. If there is a court case, we will want to see the following (you can securely upload documents by attaching them to the intake form)
    • Financial statements by you and your spouse.
    • Tax returns, W2s, 1099s, and documentation of income of you and your spouse for the past 2 years.
    • Recent statements for IRA, 401-K or other retirement and/or pension plans for you and your spouse.
    • Any evidence such as pictures, tapes, recordings or other evidence that corroborates what you are alleging (such as infidelity, domestic violence, financial irresponsibility, etc.).
    • Any information relating to the marital home — mortgages, tax assessed value, appraisals, etc.
    • All recent bank statements for both spouses, showing the current balance.
    • Any pleadings that have been filed in the current case, or in any related case.


  • 45 minute meeting with Lori Barkus, who will tell you:
    • The strengths and weaknesses of your case.
    • Whether a case should be filed, and what type of case to file.
    • What the process should look like.
    • Some resources to help answer questions about whether you should keep or sell a home, figuring out your monthly budget and other financial questions.
    • Resources to help you with parenting and therapeutic resources to help you through this process.
    • Likelihood of settlement or trial.
    • What the next steps should be for you.

Please contact us if you have questions or to set up an appointment or evaluation.