Are You Being Manipulated in your Divorce?

Protecting Yourself: How to Avoid Being Manipulated During a Divorce


Manipulation is not always obvious.

You may think that your soon-to-be ex-partner is financially savvy by suggesting that hiring a lawyer is unnecessary and expensive. They may even suggest that doing so will mess up the whole process. They may also promise that he’ll give you a fair and just agreement if you were to go via a mediator instead.

Should you believe them?

Tap into your intuition. If you feel they are showing signs of red flags, don’t do it. It’s crucial to find out your rights and seek legal professionals’ advice. By knowing where you stand in legal matters, you will be better equipped to understand the next steps forward that are right for you.

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Community Focus: Dream Centers Non-Profit

Dream Centers is a non-profit organization helping women trapped in cycles of poverty find hope, embrace health, and build sustainable lives for themselves and their children.

Dream Centers has two pillar programs: the Women’s Clinic (which offers free integrated women’s healthcare to women who are uninsured or underinsured) and Mary’s Home. Mary’s Home is a faith-based residential program offering high-challenge and supportive trauma-informed services to single mothers and their children exiting homelessness. The incredible women we partner with:

  • are homeless, imminently homeless, and/or leaving domestic violence with their children
  • are single mothers or, if married, have filed for divorce
  • are 18+ years old
  • have 3 or fewer children between newborn to 7 years old
  • live in El Paso County and are eligible for TANF, CCCAP, and SNAP for a minimum of eighteen months
  • do not have a recent history of severe behavioral issues, criminal activity, or substance abuse
  • are motivated to gain holistic health, basic life skills, and financial independence

At Mary’s Home, we offer transformational coaching for single mothers seeking to build a stable life and career. We offer a healing environment, supportive journey, and a pathway to professional success. Our cross-generational and holistic approach helps women and their children develop critical learning and coping skills so they can grow and thrive. Families take brave steps into a new future when they step into Mary’s Home. Each family lives in fully furnished apartments surrounded by supporters and friends with a structured weekly schedule to follow in the community.

If you are interested in supporting Mary’s Home, here are a few ways to get involved:

  • donate paper towels, toilet paper, or gently used women’s or children’s clothing and shoes (please call 719-301-5411 to set up a donation appointment)
  • make a monetary donation at – any amount helps us to support these families!
  • donate a used vehicle to Dream Centers, which will be gifted to a mother at Mary’s Home who is working hard to rebuild her dreams
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Divorce is one of the biggest financial and emotional investments

of your life. Don’t be afraid to ask tough questions, and hire the right lawyer that will help you through this process.

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