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We’re here to guide you through this challenging phase, aiming to simplify a complex process.

Divorce is already a difficult and emotionally taxing process for everyone involved– why make it harder?

At Sustainable Family Solutions, our philosophy is built around the idea of navigating your way to a successful divorce, which we believe is best accomplished with a level-headed approach.

If other firms are pit bulls, think of us more like dolphins, using our intelligence, understanding of the law, and communication skills to find solutions to complex problems that achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients, rather than resorting to aggressive tactics.

Don’t hire a pit bull attorney, hire Sustainable Family Solutions– a firm that’s committed to making your divorce a successful one.
What is Strategic Consultation?
Cover of Book "Do no harm but take no s&*t
Free Divorce E-Book

Do No Harm But Take No S&*T: How Smart Women Divorce

The biggest mistakes divorcing women make and how to avoid them.
How to stand up for yourself and get what you want and need.
How to protect your children from being harmed in the process.
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"She kept me well informed and provided answers to all questions."
- TM
"Lori is an excellent, professional and ethical attorney "
- HT
“She always listened and effectively remembered my concerns.”
- Henry
“Working with Lori and her staff was a very positive experience."
- Tim
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