Biggest mistakes when hiring a divorce attorney

So, what are the top reasons why people fire their divorce lawyers? Some clients come to me after a bad experience with another family law attorney. I always ask what went wrong to ensure I meet their expectations. And here are the things that I commonly hear from these clients. The first one needs more communication. Calls have yet to be returned. They need to be kept informed.

They need to communicate with the lawyer or the lawyer’s office. And this shocks me. Because our office, we always let clients know what the next step is. And our clients also have a direct scheduling link so they can get on our calendars and have a phone call with us anytime they need to reach us. So, when you hire a lawyer, you must find out what their communication style is, what their policy is, and how often you’re going to hear from them. And be very wary of vague answers to that question.

The second one I call no strategy. And it often sounds like this, “We’re always on the defensive. I don’t know where the case is going.” There’s a definite communication problem here. From your initial meeting with your divorce lawyer, you should come away with an understanding of your case and the specific steps of the process. And please know the following steps to take. I would appreciate it if you still need to get this information at the end of that first session.

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