How to Build a Parenting Plan around School Schedules

Separation and Divorce can be taxing for all parties involved. This is especially apparent when the rush of a new school year begins. With after-school dance, sports, and other activities, can put a strain on pickups, dropoffs, and weekend events. Here are some suggestions for setting up a parenting plan that can withstand the school year.

  • Focus on Best Interests – Focus on the best interests of both separated parties as well as your children. Map out a plan around physical and emotional needs, as well as your child’s particular wishes.
  • Understand the Need for Routine – If one parent shares a passion for one of your child’s activities, and it still works for that parent to be involved, allow for that. Provide your child a calendar that shows parenting time and other activities the child is involved with.
  • Communicate – Determine how you and your co-parent will stay in touch on a daily basis to share updates on your child, and allow for adjustments as needed.
  • Know How to Make Big Decisions – Craft a plan on how you will handle various decisions, like what teams to join or what to do in the event of a school or medical emergency.
  • Maintain your Child’s Goals – keep specific goals in mind for your child’s perfect plan for success.

How do you want your child to look back on this time in their life? Aim for creating a cooperative and flexible co-parenting partnership, so your child can have a strong, healthy relationship with each co-parent.

If you’re looking to create a parenting plan or have other questions about divorce proceedings, please reach out. We’re here to create sustainable family solutions.


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