Do You Have a Simple Divorce?

Divorce is rarely simple.

Think you’ll have a simple divorce?

You may have not considered all of the factors, like:

  • Family plans – You may need a detailed parenting plan to address all of the issues that may come up in the future like vacation, field trips, and college
  • Retirement/Pension – Just because you or your spouse didn’t earn that money, doesn’t mean the other person has no claim to it.
  • Business Assets – It’s important to know what that business is worth to know if your settlement is actually fair.

My goal is to set you up for success. Fully understand your rights and responsibilities. Get a comprehensive evaluation of your situation

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Virtual mediation and trauma-informed
divorce recovery coaching

It is nearly impossible to make big decisions when you’re under the enormous stress of divorce. That’s one thing our guest this month, Lauren Germinario, shared with us. Lauren is the CEO and Founder of Integrative Divorce Group, Inc, which serves all 50 states with Divorce Recovery Coaching Services.

“I was the first in my family to experience divorce when my marriage ended at 28 years old. Since then, I’ve supported many friends and family through the experience which ultimately was the inspiration for IDG,” Lauren shared with us.

She finds that an integrative approach to divorce is utilizing a team of support including a Divorce Recovery Coach, Legal Representation, Mediation, Mental Health Support, and Financial Support. “My support system is made up of people who celebrate my big and small victories, listen to and validate my experiences when needed, offer resources when I need them, and love me for who I am not who I have been or may be in the future.”

“Divorce can affect every part of your life. It’s Lauren’s passion to bring the stigmas, fear, and trauma of divorce into mainstream conversations. “Our goal at IDG is to make resources and information accessible to everyone experiencing divorce and support the practitioners, like Lori, who are focused on helping people through the legal process of divorce without adding to the financial or emotional trauma.”

Lauren also enjoys hiking in the Arizona desert, supporting community theatre, and taking care of her 50+ houseplants.

Learn more about Lauren and Integrative Divorce Group at:

Lauren is the CEO and Founder of Integrative Divorce Group, Inc and can help with a simple divorce
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Having a support system helps remind me that I hold all the answers to my healing and growth.

– Lauren Germinario, CEO & Founder of Integrative Divorce Group, Inc.

Intergrative Divorce Group, Inc can help make hard divorces into more a more simple divorce
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