Do you need a divorce mediator?

A divorce mediator can help you and your spouse reach an agreement on all divorce-related issues such as child support, parenting plans, dividing property, and spousal support. A divorce mediatior can be beneficial if:

  • You generally agree – Mediation usually works best when both parties generally agree on how they want to resolve the various issues and are generally on amicable terms.
  • You want to work out all of the details – Mediation time is utilized to discuss and work out the details of your divorce i.e. financial, support child custody, as well as the preparation of all divorce-related documents you will need to file with the court.
  • You want a reasonable settlement – You want to reach a settlement that is fair for your family, not just what causes your ex-partner the most suffering.

A divorce mediator is a low-cost and less stressful way to “untie the knot.” Sustainable Family Solutions offers a flat fee for the mediation process and an additional fee for preparing the documents you need to file with the court.

At Sustainable Family Solutions, we offer a Mediation Services Support Package. Learn more at

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“What’s Next for Me?”

Unlock your Potential with Michelle McGlade

Do you consider yourself a high-achiever? Michelle McGlade works to unlock growth potential in both your business and your personal life. She creates safe spaces for the complexity of YOU, allowing you to approach challenging topics with tough love to get you out of your box, uncover your hidden confidence and deliver bespoke support for your true power to shine.

“Invest in bringing your authentic self to light every day,” Michelle says to encourage her clients. “You have the power inside of you.”

Michelle also encourages community. “Community is a place where we can be seen, heard, and process out loud what is in us. When we can be witnessed in our journey and teach what we have learned to others, our healing is accelerated.”

If you’ve been stacking up success, but still don’t feel successful, or your financial security lacks the joy, happiness, and freedom you crave, reach out to Michelle McGlade.

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“What you seek lies within you. You have the power inside of you.”

– Michelle McGlade

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