Do You Need an Agressive Divorce Attorney?

No. You Do Not.

Your divorce may be vicious; in fact, it may be the hardest thing that you’ll have to do in your life. However, the way you have a successful divorce is by:

  • Staying Levelheaded – You don’t need a pit bull; it is not going to work. It could end up costing you more money because you’re approaching the situation with anger.
  • Understand what a Reasonable Settlement Looks Like – Together, we gather the information you need to reach to reach a settlement that is fair for your family, not just what causes your ex-partner the most suffering.
  • You’re Ready to Do What you Need to Do – If your divorce gets aggressive, or out of control, we take your divorce to court and let a judge handle it in an effective manner.

You’ve been angry. You’ve been hurt. You don’t need to continue. It’s not effective. We partner with you, every step of the way and we make sure that you have a fair and successful divorce. Learn more at


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Planning and Transitioning
with Catherine Hammond

As an estate planning attorney, Catherine Hammond helps families create holistic plans to minimize headache and heartache that occurs with disability. As a Life Transition Guide, Catherine walks with people through the transitions of divorce, illness, and loss helping them integrate what they’ve been through. She uses the transition as a catalyst for a fuller, braver, more beautiful life.

When Catherine went through her own divorce, she had young children and felt completely overwhelmed by the ‘burdens’ of single parenting. She recommends that her clients do the inner work before divorcing. “You don’t want to wonder if you were simply projecting on your spouse.”

“It will be okay,” Catherine continued. “Just because you can’t see the light doesn’t mean it’s not there.” Now Catherine loves hiking, spending time with her three granddaughters, and finishing her book about hope.

If you’ve separated from a partner or spouse, it’s imperative to have your estate plan reviewed and Catherine and her group are happy to take a peek at it. If you’re going through a life transition and need some support other than therapy, she would be honored to have a conversation about what you’d like to create in this next chapter.

Learn more about Catherine at:


Catherine Hammond

Hammond Law Group, PC

serving all of Colorado

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“I’ve seen that season as a stepping stone to who and where I am in life today. It was often hard, I am much better for it.”

– Catherine Hammond

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Most divorce attorneys will tell you they cannot tell you the cost of a divorce. This is because attorneys bill by the hour. Or at least they used to. Imagine knowing upfront how much you need to pay your attorney. Now you can!


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