New Study: Does Divorce Impact Work?

The University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management Professors Connie Wanberg and Michelle Duffy, and alum Borbala Csillag, Ph.D., recently published findings from two studies to examine how the effects of divorce may impact work. The first study surveyed more than 500 people who were married or cohabiting, going through a divorce, or had divorced within five years.

  • More than 44% of those going through a divorce agreed or strongly agreed that being in the process of divorce had a negative impact on their work.
  • Nearly 39% of those going through a divorce agreed or strongly agreed that divorcing had a positive impact on their work.

The study can be found here, and the results indicate that individuals who experience higher levels of grief are more likely to have compromised work outcomes while divorcing.

If you are concerned that your work efforts may be affected by filing for divorce, please reach out to Lori Barkus at Sustainable Family Solutions. Our goal is to help you have a successful divorce by partnering with you to obtain the best possible outcome for you and your family. Hiring a divorce team is one of the biggest investments of your life.

Facing Divorce, Custody or Maintenance Issues? Reach out to Sustainable Family Solutions
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Feeling disconnected, checked out, or unappreciated?

The emotional weight of trying to keep your relationship afloat can feel taxing. Resentment, mistrust, loneliness, and anger can take an emotional toll.

Suzanne Smith is an Individual and Couple’s Therapist and the Executive Director of Align Counseling Center.

“I try to stay away from advice giving and suggestion when someone is contemplating this decision because I believe it is a very personal one,” Suzanne shared with us. “I always recommend therapy before seeking a divorce so that the couple can genuinely know in good faith that they gave it a whirl and left no stone unturned prior to deciding to divorce.”

Suzanne continued to share that we as people are wired to be in relationships with one another. “Relationships teach us about ourselves, especially when they are difficult.”

Perhaps you are scared about your financial future or haven’t worked outside of the home for many years, or serve as the primary caretaker for your children and household. Suzanne works with women like you to feel empowered by your decision-making.

When Suzanne is not working as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, she enjoys singing, storm chasing, Does Divorce Impact Work? and aurora borealis hunting. Learn more about Suzanne at

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My advice to my younger self: Slow down and get all of the information prior to reacting. Be equally kind to others as you are to yourself.

– Suzanne Smith,
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

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