The First Meeting with a Divorce Lawyer

First, you made the hard and personal decision of getting a divorce. Next, you found a divorce lawyer and made the first appointment to meet with him or her. Now, what? Meeting with a divorce lawyer for the first time can fill a person with an abundance of emotions like fear, anxiety, stress, and sadness. This meeting is a big step.

Below, we wanted to share some tips and advice of what you should keep in mind before and during your first meeting with a divorce attorney.

  • Focus on the positive things that you want in your post-divorce life
  • Write down a list of any and all questions you want to ask the attorney
  • Be prepared for questions about your spouse, children (if you have any), finances, and goals.
  • This first meeting is a time for the attorney to get to know you.
  • Attorney will describe the different divorce processes to you (mediation, collaborative law, litigation).
  • The Attorney may refer you to a psychotherapist, divorce coach, estate attorney or financial planner depending on your situation.
  • In this meeting, you can determine if the attorney and you will be a good fit.
  • Do not feel pressured to make any decisions during this first meeting.

It’s perfectly OK and normal to meet with two or three different divorce attorneys to find the one you feel will best help you during this process. You want an attorney who makes you feel comfortable, is sensitive to your needs and emotional state, and can explain things clear, laymen’s terms for you. You will be spending a lot of time with this attorney, so it is a good idea to find someone you work well with.

Do some research to learn about the attorney. Things to look for:

  • Reviews
  • The number of years they’ve practiced family law
  • Any cases of professional misconduct against them
  • Make sure the attorney’s experience matches your needs

Divorce is a life-changing event full of important decisions, so you want an attorney that will help you every step of the way, explain your rights, options, and responsibilities in a clear way.

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