Flat fees add value to your divorce

Hi, I am Lori Barkus, Colorado and South Florida-based family law attorney, and I help women have a successful divorce. Today I’d like to discuss value-based pricing and why I am paying this much upfront for a divorce. We previously talked about flat fees in divorce, how there’s a sticker shock to them, and why they may not be as high as you think.

Today, let’s talk about value. I’ve been an attorney for over 20 years, mostly in family law. I know what a fair settlement looks like and how to get there. I can also get there quicker than many attorneys because of my experience. So, why do I get a flat fee when I spend fewer hours on a case? The answer is because of the value provided and the things I save you.

A lousy settlement or outcome at trial can cost you tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Your billed-by-the-hour, or more appropriately billed-by-the-minute attorney, is incentivized to take longer with your case. They make more money the longer your case goes on. Your case will also take an emotional toll on you and your kids. You’ll need more time off work. Your health may suffer.

There are lots of costs to you for a more drawn-out process, and there’s a value to you in saving time, getting to a quick result, a fair result, and one that’s tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars better than a bad result. There’s also a lot of value in saving your kids’ well-being and your health. In a flat fee divorce, you gain a lot of value, and what you save in time and well-being is considerably more than that flat fee.

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