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Do no harm but take no S%^t: How smart women divorce

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Are You Being Manipulated in your Divorce?

Protecting Yourself: How to Avoid Being Manipulated During a Divorce   Manipulation is not always obvious. You may think that your soon-to-be ex-partner is financially savvy by suggesting that hiring a lawyer is unnecessary and expensive. They may even suggest that doing so will mess up the whole process. They may also promise that he’ll give you […]

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Protecting Yourself: How to Avoid Being Manipulated During a Divorce

Going through a divorce is akin to grieving the loss of a loved one.  In most cases, the situation is beyond our control and impacts the family dynamic when children are involved.  Divorce is neither quick nor easy. It demands courage, strength, and understanding from both parties.  Robin Depies from Confidence & Clarity recently spoke […]

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Did you hate Valentine’s Day?

While Valentine’s Day may be the day for love, it can also be a clear indicator that the one you used to love is no longer fulfilling that role. Requests for divorce surge about 40% in the weeks approaching valentines day, according to Avvo, as it is a natural catalyst for women and men to […]

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Welcome to Sustainable Family Solutions

Hi, I’m Lori Barkus, and I’m here to welcome you to Sustainable Family Solutions, our Colorado and South Florida-based family law firm. I know you’re going through a lot right now, fear and uncertainty. You probably feel overwhelmed, maybe angry, but most of all, afraid. I know all this because I’ve helped many women in […]

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