Free Florida Divorce Form: Financial Affidavit

Can you get your divorce handled without hiring a lawyer? Yes, it may be possible to file your own divorce and complete the process without retaining a lawyer.

At Sustainable Family Solutions, we offer free Florida divorce forms for download on our website. You can view all the forms here.  These forms are our way of giving general information to married couples and families; these forms are not legal advice. The intention of sharing these forms is to give people the resources and necessary paperwork needed for them to get the process started.

In most Florida divorce cases, both parties need to fill out and file a financial affidavit. There are two different Florida divorce financial affidavit forms. The financial affidavit short form is used if the person’s income is less than $50,000 per year and the long form if the person’s income is more than $50,000 per year. You can view the forms by clicking the links below.

Florida Family Law Financial Affidavit Short Form

Florida Family Law Financial Affidavit Long Form

A financial affidavit is simple form where the parties state incomes, expenses, assets, and liabilities. The court needs this information to determine decisions about child support, alimony, legal fees, and other monetary-based decisions.

Financial information needed on this form includes: pay stubs, recent paid bills, recent unpaid bills, checkbook and bank account statements.

Weekly expenses needed on this form include: rent or mortgage, utilities, property, groceries, gas, oil, car repairs, car payments, public transportation, insurance (car, life, health, home), childcare, child support, clothing, alimony, personal expenses (haircuts, toiletries, newspaper, cigarettes, school lunches, toys, etc.)

At Sustainable Family Solutions, we encourage you speak to a Florida divorce attorney about any questions relating to your case. If you have any questions about financial affidavits, the free Florida divorce forms, or anything about our services, visit our site here. Sustainable Family Solutions offers clients affordable legal representation backed by years of experience. Sustainable Family Solutionss practices Florida family law and serves the Broward County and other areas of South Florida.


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