Free Florida Divorce Form: Parenting Plan Forms

Going through a divorce is difficult, but it becomes even more difficult when you have children together with your spouse. As a parent, you want the best for your child or children and want them to grow up happy and well adjusted. If you are going through the divorce process in the state of Florida, a parenting plan is required. The Parenting Plan must be created and agreed upon by the parents and approved by the court.

At Sustainable Family Solutions, we offer free Florida family law and divorce forms on our website for people to download. These documents are to share general information to couples and families, but are not intended legal advice. For this post, I wanted to focus on the free online Florida Parenting Plan form. This Parenting Plan form comes with a set of instructions that explains when to use this form and how to fill it out.

Below, we have shared links to three different plans or forms:

Parenting Plan

Parenting Plan Long Distance Relocation

Parenting Plan Supervised Safety

The Parenting Plan is required in all cases where there are minor children. If the parties cannot agree on a Parenting Plan or if the parties agree to a plan that is not approved by the court, the plan will be created by the court. If the Parenting Plan includes supervised time-sharing or relocation/long distance, then the parties must fill out the appropriate form and not the general Parenting Plan form.

Overall, the Parenting Plan should describe: how the parties will share and be responsible for daily tasks with the child/children; time-sharing schedules; who will be responsible for decisions about health care, school, and other activities the children partake in; and how the parents plan to communicate with each other as well as the child/children.

For more details on what’s required in this form, click the links above. It’s best to consult with an attorney about these documents.  If you have any questions regarding the Florida Parenting Plan, any other free online Florida Divorce form or divorce services, our team at Barkus law can answer your questions. Sustainable Family Solutions provides services in divorce, mediation, alimony, child support, prenuptial agreements and other family law matters. To set up a consultation or for more information, click here. Sustainable Family Solutions serves Broward County and other areas of South Florida.

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