Should I Hire A Florida Family Law Attorney?

There are a lot of online divorce, low cost divorce and flat fee divorce options available. Because of this, many people believe that they can handle their divorce or family law matter without an attorney. Some divorces are as simple as filling out family law forms, which are available online in Broward and other counties. But your divorce may involve more complicated issues and you may need legal help for your divorce. An experienced family law attorney can help answer your questions and protect your rights. Here are a few examples of situations where you may want to hire a Florida Family Law Attorney.

  1. Timesharing (custody) questions: Some parents believe they should have sole custody or sole parental responsibility of a child. There are reasons why a judge would do this, and many reasons why a judge would not. If you have a custody question, this is definitely something you want to discuss with a family law attorney.
  1. Business owners: Income is easier to understand when you are getting a paycheck from someone. If you are getting divorced and you or your spouse own a business, the business may be an asset and you may be entitled to half the value of that asset. It is also important to understand the income from the business. If you are getting divorced in Florida and own a business, you should speak with a divorce attorney about your legal rights.
  1. Questions about alimony: Florida law allows for different types of alimony in different situations. If you make more money or less money than your spouse, you may have to pay alimony or have the right to receive alimony. It is important to understand Florida’s alimony laws and how they relate to your specific situation. A consultation with a Florida family law attorney would be useful in this regard.

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