How Are You Getting Billed and How Will You Pay for Your Divorce?

How are you getting billed for your divorce?

Are you confident about how your lawyer is billing you? Do you know how you will pay for your divorce? Is it by the hour, like most firms, or flat fee like at Sustainable Family Solutions? Here are some concerns we have about lawyers that bill by the hour:

  • Retainers – You give a lump sum to a lawyer. Do you know how you are being billed against your retainer?
  • Multiple Lawyers – If one lawyer drafts something, and another lawyer reviews it, are you paying for someone to fix the other typos?
  • Court/Mediation – Are you paying for more than one person to represent you in a court session or mediation? Are you paying for multiple people to discuss your case, without actually contributing to it?

Divorce can take a life of its own if you’re not prepared, and if you don’t know the right questions to ask. Learn more about our flat-fee billing and how we have you pay for your divorce at

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Heartfelt Solutions for Divorce Finances

If you have contemplated divorce, or are going through a divorce, you know how much stress it can put on your mental health. It can also affect your financial health. Robin Depies is the owner of Heartfelt Financial Solutions, based in Colorado and serving clients worldwide. She helps her clients, those thinking about or going through a divorce, come out emotionally and financially stronger on the other side.

“I have experienced divorce myself, supported how I could, as my mom and dad divorced and many friends and family. You are never sure if the decisions you are making are the right ones for you and your future,” Robin shared with us.

Through her experience, she found that there was not a lot of support for women during the difficult trials of divorce, and she learned the value of a support team.

“I have learned through my own experience and working with many clients that finding the right lawyer for you, gathering a support team around you.”

As a Divorce Planner and Coach, as well as a Financial Advisor and Consultant, Robin, helps women and men travel the divorce path, while working together to reduce stress, increase knowledge of the process, and empower her clients so they can start living the next chapter of their lives.

Learn more about Robin at

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Divorce causes a lot of anxiety as your whole life changes. If there is one thing I could tell my younger self, it’s that it is ok to ask for help.”

– Robin Depies

Heartfelt Financial Solutions

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