I May Need a Divorce

Hi, I’m Lori Barkus, a family law attorney. My Colorado and Florida-based law firm helps women have a successful divorce by achieving the fairest resolution in the most efficient manner possible. And today, I’d like to talk to you about the what-ifs of divorce. Let’s say you’re thinking about divorce, or maybe your spouse has shared some shocking and devastating news about a betrayal or told you that they’re thinking about divorce, and you’re completely caught off guard by this. You’re still determining what you want at this point. You might still be thinking, maybe I can save my marriage; I don’t know. But this process might be going forward. Your friends and family are telling you that you should go forward. They’re telling you, you should talk to an attorney. You have so much going on. You know you need help but must figure out where to go.

We can help with this situation because it’s something that my firm and I have faced so many times over the years, so much so that we’ve created an offering specifically for you. We do what’s called a strategy session. And the purpose of this is to answer your what-ifs. We’re not here to help you. We’re not telling you, you should go forward with divorce. But we want you to understand what would happen if this goes forward. We want you to know what the process looks like. We’d like to answer your questions about mediation. What is it? Is it right for you? What can you expect in terms of custody of your kids? Would I get alimony? Would I pay alimony? How does child support work? What if I want to keep my house? My partner might be hiding money.

We can answer all of these questions and more. And we can also provide resources to help you understand your financial picture and also to help support you in making this decision. And that is what we’re here to do. We want you to determine if the marriage can be saved and if divorce is the right step for you. So if you have any questions, please get in touch with us at barkuslaw.com.

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