I need an aggressive divorce attorney (no you do not)

Hi, I’m Lori Barkus, a family law attorney, and my Colorado and South Florida-based law firm helps women have a successful divorce. Today, I’d like to talk to you about the concept of an aggressive attorney, hiring an aggressive attorney, and why you shouldn’t do that. Now, this is a topic that I’m passionate about, so you’ll see that come out.

Here’s what I hear so much. I hear people saying, “I need an aggressive divorce attorney,” or, and this one makes me nauseous, “I need a pit bull. I need this snarling animal in human form because that’s the only thing that will work. After all, this divorce is vicious. I need to fight. This person’s going to fight me. The only way to do it is if I fight as hard as they do with my snarling, animal-type of a lawyer who’s a person I’d never, ever want to talk to, but that person is going to save me from everything.”

That is the worst idea you can do. Now, it’s great if you’re a divorce attorney who only wants to take money from people because all you’re doing is running up a bill for something you’ll never resolve. But that’s not what I do; that’s not what my firm does. We want you to have a successful divorce. And the way you have a successful divorce is by staying level-headed, reasonable, and prepared.

You prepare. You try to settle something. You prepare for trial if you have to go to trial. You understand your strengths and weaknesses, and we explain very well what a reasonable settlement looks like. You gather the information you need. And if the other side is just being difficult or unreasonable, you go before a judge and do what you must. That is how to have a successful divorce, not by matching somebody’s angry, aggressive, yelling energy.

Let me send many documents and pleadings that don’t make sense, muddy the waters, and try to scare everybody. I don’t think that does anything. It could be more effective. Now, you can’t control the other side, but you can ensure you don’t do that. And that’s what we’re here to do. We partner with you. We’re in the boat with you every step of the way, and we ensure you have a fair and successful divorce.

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