Is Your Marriage on Autopilot?

Are you and your partner still playing an active role in your relationship, or are you running on autopilot? It’s easy to get distracted, or too busy, or simply believe that long and secure relationships don’t require much effort to continue.

However, these feelings could be a sign of a bigger problem. Ask yourself:

  • Do you feel taken for granted?
  • Is your partner too busy to make quality time for you, alone, without friends or children?
  • Is your partner sharing minimal affection or appreciation?
  • Do you feel like you are coexisting, and no longer connecting?

Sometimes we repeat something so often it becomes automatic. Each time we engage in our relationships, we’re making a choice to communicate. ‘You matter, we matter.’

If you are no longer feeling appreciated or loved, or that you matter in your relationship, please reach out. Sustainable Family Solutions has built a community of people that are here to help you through.

Facing Divorce, Custody or Maintenance Issues? Reach out to Sustainable Family Solutions
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Financial Wellness & Independence

in the New Year

When going through hardships like getting a divorce, it can make you feel like you’re playing a stressfully difficult and long game of chess, and you don’t know all of the rules.

Rhonda Noordyk, is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®) that focuses on supporting women going through a divorce. She moves you to the Queen position on the board, supporting you to make strategic, financially winning moves.

“The aim at Women’s Financial Wellness Center is to support and empower you through the entire process of divorce, without disrespecting or alienating any of the other parties involved,” Rhonda shared with us. “We offer the support, encouragement, and knowledge that our client needs.

Rhonda focused on this work after discovering a huge gap in financial support for women eight years ago. She felt the urge to help women get through a divorce with the lifestyle they deserve, and the clarity to make the right decisions. Her advice to her younger self? “Don’t be afraid to communicate assertively. It’s okay to set boundaries, even with family.”

When Rhonda is not working with incredible women, she is working out, watching her girls play basketball, and going to live concerts. Learn more about Rhonda and how she can help at:

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“Often women hear, ‘Oh, you’ll be fine’! It’s important for you to define what fine means to you.”

– Rhonda Noordyk, CDFA®

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