Is Limited Representation Right for You?


Legal services and representation aren’t known to be cheap; unfortunately, many people cannot afford these services and are unable (or do not want to) pay large, upfront retainers. For this reason, I offer limited representation services, also known as “unbundled” legal services. Unlike some firms and service plans available out there, I do not outsource these services to less experienced lawyers or lawyers with no family law experience. I have 18 years’ experience; most of these years have been spent as a family law attorney, mediator, collaborative attorney, and guardian ad litem.

With limited assistance representation, I help clients with certain legal services requested, while they handle other parts of the case on their own. I sit down with my clients and have a thorough strategy session in which I give a summary of the issues with a checklist. The checklist is to keep track of what work the clients can do on their own, and what parts they will need my help.

Here are some examples how I would help:

  • Drafting the divorce documents
  • Legal research
  • Offering procedural advice
  • Figuring out the proper evidence the client needs
  • Coaching how to attend a hearing
  • Reviewing a parenting plan
  • Preparing a settlement agreement

This type of service has been proven to be cost-effective for the clients. This is not a second-class practice, unethical, or only for those with limited means. However, limited representation isn’t good for every case or client, so it’s best to discuss the case with an attorney first to see if this route makes sense for you. These services are tailored to each case and client.

Just like full-service representation, I fulfill the same duties to my limited-service clients; they have my confidentiality, loyalty, and same level of caring. My fees are a flat rate or at a discounted hourly rate.

I will work with you to figure out the best strategy for your specific legal case and situation. If you’re thinking about limited representation, call  Sustainable Family Solutions today! If you need any other legal advice for your divorce or meditation, please call 954-349-7988 or contact us online here. We service the Broward county area of South Florida.

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