My divorce is simple. Or is it?

So let’s talk about simple divorce. I hear this a lot. It’s going to be very simple. We agree on everything. It should be done very quickly, and it should be relatively inexpensive. I’ll let you know what you may need to think about. Perhaps you have kids; you’re going to need a parenting plan. Now that plan needs to be very detailed so that you can address all the things that are going to come up in the future, not just spending time on a day-to-day basis, but vacations and who’s paying for what, and oh, wait, there’s college, and there are field trips and things like that.

Now, what if you’re self-employed? How do you figure out that income? What if there are bank accounts? Many say, “Oh, that’s my account because my name’s on it.” That’s different from the way that goes.

What about retirement or pension? I hear this a lot. Well, that’s not mine because he or she earned that again. Well, no, that’s not how that goes, either. Is there a business? Would you happen to know what that business is worth? The other person is making you an offer that they say is fair because everybody wants a divorce to be fair, but is it fair? Would you happen to know? Do you have enough information?

These are only a few reasons why your divorce may be more complex than you think it would be. My goal is to set people up for success, so I’m telling you all this. And what you can do about this is get legal advice in the beginning so that you know and fully understand your rights and responsibilities.

I encourage anybody going through a divorce, whether it’s simple or not so simple, to get a comprehensive evaluation of your situation so that you fully understand it, and then you can make decisions. If you have questions or need our help, please reach out at We would love to help you. Thank you.

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