No Tricks, Only Treats: How to Manage One-Night Holidays

No Tricks, Only Treats:

How to Manage One-Night Holidays

Your child custody agreement most likely contains a holiday schedule for major holidays that involve vacation time or days off from school. One-night holidays, like Halloween, often go overlooked. If these holidays are a big deal for your child, it is important to have a plan for everyone to enjoy the holiday even if the family dynamic has changed.

Consider these tips when managing one-night holidays:

🎃  Split-up activities: One parent takes the child to pick out the costume, and attends earlier festivals or events, while the other takes the child trick-or-treating

🎃  Create new traditions: Pumpkin carving or watching scary movies on an alternative night to provide the same level of bonding for each parent

🎃 Be flexible: when holiday celebrations are too structured, children may feel left out or lost in the shuffle. Model good behavior by focusing on your child’s needs and being open to suggestions and changes where it benefits them.

Co-parenting might not always be easy, but by prioritizing your family and keeping open conversations with your co=parent, it doesn’t have to be frightening! Wishing you and yours a Happy Halloween!


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