Parenting Class is Required for Couples Divorcing in Florida

Are you getting a divorce? Do you have children from your marriage? Did you know that to obtain a divorce in the state of Florida, you and your spouse are required to take a four-hour parenting class?

Florida Statute 61.21 says that divorcing couples with children under the age of 18 years old are to take the “Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course”.  It is conveniently online so that you can plan the course around your normal schedule. Some Clerk of Courts will not accept this class taken online, so please call them prior to signing up for an online course.

The purpose of this class is to educate parents on how to maintain a healthy parenting role in his/her child’s life. Divorce is always difficult on everyone in the family, but especially children. The court system has the child’s best interest in mind. In taking this course, you will learn how to cope with the challenges that a parent is faced with during a divorce. It is designed to give advice and suggestions on keeping the bond between parent and child strong through the difficult road ahead. It also helps both parents make a smooth transition from parenting together to parenting separately. You will be faced with issues such as child custody, shared parenting, child support, and visitation. Knowledge gained through a parenting class proves valuable to all parties involved.

Another advantage to taking a parenting class is that is can reduce the cost of divorce overall. By addressing child related issues during the class, it can make decisions during the divorce a bit easier. The more you and your spouse agree, the less costly it will be for both parties. Taking a parenting class might ease the many questions that you both have about divorcing with children. This can reduce stress and, hopefully, make it easier for you both to come to an agreement on custody and child support.

The breakdown of families is an event that is stressful for everyone involved. Here at Sustainable Family Solutions, we want to answer your questions thoroughly and help make this difficult transition as easy as possible for you. Call 954-349-7988 or contact us online.

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