Reasons to Hire a Divorce Lawyer

The divorce process is notorious for being pricey. Because of this, many people may be tempted to opt for self-representation and to file for divorce on their own.  Although this may work to some people’s advantage, most people should consider hiring a divorce lawyer. If you think there may be a financial or custody battle or a difficult road ahead, it is in your best interest to seek help from a professional. If there are no disagreements, children, or assets, you could potentially file on your own and use forms that are provided on most court websites.

In general, most people find the divorce process to be confusing and difficult; a divorce attorney is there to make everything clear for the client, along with representing his or her client’s best interests. Below, we wanted to share some reasons why hiring a divorce lawyer is a good idea.

  1. They’re the experts – Most people don’t have knowledge or a background in marital or family law. If you have complicated issues to sort out (custody, support, inheritance, debts, income), attorneys are experts their field and know exactly how to put a case together and what to give and say to the judge. If you represent yourself, there’s a chance you can jeopardize your own case by improperly preparing or speaking.
  2. They know all the options –  When you meet with attorney, you will tell them the entirety of your situation; he or she will discuss with you all options to settle the case, including outcomes. Being familiar also with settlement alternatives, an experienced family law attorney can help you create a settlement proposal, and also let you know whether to settle, fight or make a counter-proposal.
  3. They know the ins and outs of the paperwork – If you want the best possible outcome for your case, you want the judge to have all critical documents in hand; these documents all need to be filled out correctly. Wrong information could make the judge not rule in your favor. Divorce attorneys know how to fill out the paperwork properly; they will put it together in the best way possible so the judge views your side favorably. You don’t want the court to give you something other than what you intended due to improper verbiage on the paperwork.
  4. They can stick to a timeline – Without an attorney, a lot of documents could potentially be missing, done incorrectly, or forgotten. This can delay the court’s ruling.

Other reasons to hire a divorce attorney:

  • They can help reduce your stress
  • They can help you see the big picture
  • They can give objective advice

For most cases and individuals, people will save time and stress hiring a divorce attorney. The law is complicated and emotions can run high during this process, so it’s best to work with the professionals who will protect your rights. If you’re looking for a divorce attorney, reach out to Sustainable Family Solutions in Broward County, South Florida, today. Sustainable Family Solutions offers its clients guidance and support through the entire divorce proves. If you have further questions of want more information, click here.

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