Things Divorce Lawyers Wish People Knew

The divorce process usually is not a simple or cheap one, even if is handled outside the courts in an amicable manner. But, there are things people can do to make the process a better, less expensive, and less difficult one. Here at Sustainable Family Solutions, we wanted to share some inside tips, advice, and thoughts that most divorce lawyers are thinking and want their clients and future clients to know. Hopefully, the below points can help you work better and more smoothly with your attorney, so he or she can serve you better.

  1. An attorney isn’t a therapist – Attorneys are not equipped with the skills or have the proper training or educational background to properly help you deal and work through your emotions. Talking to a therapist, friends, family or venting in some other outlet (writing, exercise, etc.) will be more effective and cost much less than the billable hours an attorney will charge you.
  2. Be organized – Being organized will save attorneys time and in turn save you money. If you expect an attorney to sort through all your documentation, you’re basically paying him or her to sort through your stuff. It’s suggested you organize all your documents in chronological order with a typed summary for clarity.
  3. Come prepared – A good client is one who comes prepared with all the necessary documents for the attorney to get the job done. An attorney can only do what’s best for you if you give him or her everything needed.
  4. Tell the truth – For an attorney to do his or her job, they need to have all the facts. Please refrain from sugarcoating, minimizing, exaggerating, or being selective with what you tell your attorney. Tell the truth, and your attorney can work to get you the best possible results.
  5. Don’t Be Afraid to Say You Don’t Understand – Attorneys don’t expect you to know everything, especially if this if your first time going through the divorce process. Always ask for clarification, as many times as you need. The attorney and clients need to work together as a team, on the same page all the time; if not, nothing will get gone.
  6. Attorneys have heard it all – Most likely, nothing you are sharing with your attorney isn’t new to them. Reveal all important and relative details to the case, despite if you feel a bit embarrassed about sharing intimate information.
  7. Be honest about what you want – When it comes to children or property, let it be known to the attorney exactly what you’re looking to get or achieve. It’s not really “winning” if you win things or you don’t actually want or can’t handle.

Going through the divorce process isn’t the easiest task you’ll ever deal with (that’s for sure), but if you manage your expectations, and work hard as a team with your attorney, you WILL get through this. Here at Sustainable Family Solutions, we are highly experienced in Florida family law and divorce practices; we serve Broward County and other South Florida counties. To learn more, click here.

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