What About an Uncontested Divorce with Children?

What About an Uncontested Divorce with Children?

Divorce can be a stressful time for both parties involved, and they may be inclined to want to get it over with as soon as possible. At Sustainable Family Solutions, we hear this a lot from our clients inquiring about divorce proceedings:  

“It is going to be very simple, we agree on everything and our divorce shouldn’t cost us any money.”

While we appreciate that your split is amicable, and you aren’t interested in contesting the divorce in court, when you have kids, no divorce is “simple.”

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You are Going to Need a Parenting Plan

Many of our clients are just thinking about the present, and rightfully so because the present time during a divorce is very difficult. But when you have children, your divorce needs to plan for their future. 

If you have kids, your uncontested divorce is going to need to include a parenting plan. This plan needs to be detailed so that you can address all the things that are going to come up in the future for your kids. 

Your parenting plan will include resolutions to issues like:

  • Spending time with your kids on a day-to-day basis
  • Who is going to pay for what?
  • Vacation plans
  • School costs like field trips, supplies, etc
  • College
  • Medical bills, recreational activities, and a wide range of other future expenses

How to Create a Parenting Plan for an Uncontested Divorce

The best way to create a parenting plan to coincide with your uncontested divorce is to get legal advice. An experienced attorney can outline everything you need to plan for when you have children. They will help you fully understand your rights and responsibilities as parents, and they can help both parties create a comprehensive parenting plan that supports the best interests of your children. 

At Sustainable Family Solutions, we want your divorce to be simple. But the truth is, few divorces end up this way because there is a lot to plan for in the future when you have kids. That is why we provide our clients with modern divorce solutions to help them complete their divorce in the best way possible. We provide online scheduling to our clients that allows them to schedule zoom meetings with your attorney when it is most convenient for you. We also provide 24/7 access to your entire file. 

Contact Sustainable Family Solutions for more information on uncontested divorce, your place for sustainable family solutions. 

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