What divorce coaches do

Lori: I think that’s Okay. I needed permission, but I didn’t. Okay. Well, hi. I’m Lori Barkus. I work with women going through a divorce and try to help them have a fair and successful divorce. I’m here today with Sallie Wagner, who I’m very excited to introduce you to. Sallie does something only a few people know about, but you should. Sallie is a divorce coach. And Sallie, I would love it if you would tell us more about that.

Sallie: Absolutely. And thank you for inviting me to be here today. My background is as a lawyer, as are you. And I’m also a life coach a what’s-next strategist. Divorce is all-consuming and all-changing. It affects people emotionally, physically, mentally, socially, and in all ways in life. And so it’s essential to build resilience as you go through that major life event. A life coach can help you do that. When we make decisions in a place where we’re very emotional, sometimes we may not make the best decisions. And those decisions can be very costly regarding time, emotion, the future, and money. A divorce coach can help people bring those emotions down to a more manageable level and ultimately save time, emotion, and money costs. So, there are all kinds of things that a divorce coach can do to facilitate as you, as the attorney, guide them regarding the law.

Lori: Sallie, I think that’s a great explanation. And I can see the value in it. That’s why I work a lot with coaches such as yourself because it does help make the process more successful. It also streamlines the process. For example, divorce can be costly. People don’t know this, but the average divorce costs around $30,000, not even with the court involved. So, when you bring in a coach, you can narrow that down, narrow your focus, and have a much more successful divorce. So, Sallie, thank you so much for being here and talking with me and letting everybody know about your valuable service.

Sallie: Thank you so much.

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