What Does Mediation Look Like For You?

If life has taken you down an unexpected path, you don’t have to walk it alone.
Experiencing a divorce can be an overwhelming and lonely journey, but it doesn’t have to be. We want to shed light on some key strategies and insights that could be beneficial for women going through a divorce.

By understanding your options and equipping yourself with the necessary knowledge, you can navigate this challenging time with a little more ease and assurance.


How do I Navigate Divorce with Empowerment, Fairness & Wisdom?


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It is important to us that our clients feel heard, respected, and confident in our team. We wanted to take this time to introduce you to the incredible people that support Sustainable Family Solutions.
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Lori Barkus is our Family Law Attorney, Mediator and Guardian ad Litem. Since 2005, Lori has been practicing in the areas of divorce, alimony, child support, paternity and division of assets. She is an advocate for family law reform and has provided advice on how to modify the current laws to make the divorce process more streamlined and the outcomes more certain. Lori’s goal? To set you up for a successful divorce. Her advice to our clients: “Understand your rights, responsibilities, and the next steps for you to take in your Divorce. That’s where we help. Lean on us.” Lori is so proud of her team, and of the great impact they have made on families across Florida and Colorado.
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Mallory Kindsfather is our Associate Attorney. Having been through Divorce herself, she knows how much the process impacts every facet of your life. Her key advice? ” Make sure you hire an attorney and listen to what they say. It’s so easy to make decisions based on emotion that you will not be happy with later.” She wishes she could tell her younger self to have confidence and trust your gut no matter what. People will try and break down your strength. Don’t let them. When Mallory is not at the office, she loves to garden, ride horses, play roller derby, and snuggle with her dog.
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Lelo Lewis is the Customer Experience Manager, making her the most customer centric member of the team. She helps our clients start their journey. Her main advice? “It is so important to consult with an experienced attorney, and prioritize your well-being.” When Lelo is not at the office, she enjoys playing board games, walking on the beach and binge watching psychological thrillers.
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Tasha Friedell is the Office Manager for Sustainable Family Solutions. She wears many hats, including admin, client portals and document management. Her advice for our clients? “While it can feel very hard in the moment, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the whole Divorce process. Try to remove the emotion from your situation, so that you can make the best decision for yourself.” When Tasha is not at the office, she loves traveling and reading. She also has found a new love for pottery and jewelry making.
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Divorce is one of the biggest financial and emotional investments
of your life. Don’t be afraid to ask tough questions, and hire the right lawyer that will help you through this process.

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