What is an affordable or low cost divorce attorney


Low-cost divorce. I hear this sometimes. People say, “I want a reasonably priced and affordable or a low-cost divorce attorney.” I know these words are open to interpretation. I am trying to understand what they mean. But I always imagine the character of Saul Goodman from “Better Call Saul” and “Breaking Bad.” And while that might be fun to watch, with his larger-than-life persona and billboard ads, it makes me sad for the people that go down this road.

And it also makes me sad because I see many people who call me after they’ve done this, and they now have a disaster of a situation that, hopefully, I can fix, and sometimes I can’t even fix. So, I understand that cost is a concern. And that’s why we charge flat fees so that people know where they stand. They know what their costs are.

But I’m telling you that leading with cost when it comes to divorce and seeking the cheapest or most affordable or reasonably-priced lawyer is a recipe for disaster. And here’s what you should be doing instead. From day one, you need the plan to set yourself up for success, including finding a lawyer that is aligned with that. Then, you must give that person detailed information that is carefully analyzed before your first meeting.

You need a divorce attorney who explains the strengths and weaknesses of your case, what a good outcome looks like, and who has a plan for getting there. You should leave an initial meeting with your divorce attorney feeling confident that you understand your situation and that they can help you have a successful divorce. And you should also leave that meeting knowing what divorce will cost you. Now, there’s a value in all of that.

This is one of the most significant financial investments of your life. Value and a trusted partner will get you a far better long-term outcome than the cheapest option or the fanciest billboard in town. As always, I welcome your comments and questions. Feel free to reach out to us at www.barkuslaw.com. Thank you.

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