Why You Should Work With A Divorce Coach

Video Transcription

Lori: Okay, so we are on. We are official. And I am here with Jennifer Medwin. I messed that one up. Let’s try that again. What is it?

Jennifer: It’s Jennifer Warren Medwin.

Lori: Okay. Let me get the whole thing. Okay. I am here with Jennifer Warren Medwin, and she will talk to you about divorce coaching. And I’m excited about this because it’s an essential part of the practice to work with somebody who can support you through the process and help with all of those emotions and things going on in the background of your divorce. Now, Jennifer, one of the things people always say to me is that they like the concept. They love the idea that they’re going to work with somebody who has your background, who can support them through the process, but people say, I can’t afford it because divorce is already so expensive. And so what would you say to that?

Jennifer: So, thank you for having me on today. And that’s a great question. And people do fear the expense of a divorce and adding to it. And when you work with a divorce coach, the amount of time you spend with your other professionals, meaning your attorney and your financial specialists, tends to decrease. And the reason for that is that when you work with a divorce coach, you’re working on skills to help you separate the emotional side of the divorce from the business side. So, for example, for my clients, we script for their visits with their professionals, and they’re in and out in an hour and not recounting their narrative.

And when that happens, when you start talking to your professionals such as the attorney, or the financial advisor, or your accountant, you tend to bring in a lot of the emotions, and they will listen, and you will also get charged for it. Divorce coaches tend to be much less than accountants or attorneys. They’re not meant to replace those professionals, but they’re meant to work together so that you can have the most efficient and productive divorce possible.

Lori: That is a fantastic explanation. And, Jennifer, how can somebody who needs your services get a hold of you?

Jennifer: So they can reach me at [email protected]. My website is seekingempowerment.com. I’m on all the social handles, and I have a book published in January called “Strategies and Tips from a Divorce Coach: A Roadmap to Move Forward” that would benefit them. Some have said it’s like having a divorce coach in your pocket, and that’s available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Lori: That is fantastic. So much great information there. Thank you so much for your time, Jennifer.

Jennifer: No, my pleasure. Thank you for having me.

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