Going through a hard time? Set up a Support System

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If life has taken you down an unexpected path, you don’t have to walk it alone.

Going through a hard time?

Set up a Support System

If you and your family are facing divorce or custody issues, you know how exhausting – physically, mentally, emotionally – it can be. It can also feel isolating, which is why having a strong support system is vital.

  • You won’t feel like you are alone through this difficult time
  • You will feel loved and supported, as well as motivated
  • It’s good for your mental health, and it makes it easier to let go

This is why we’re starting a new series at Sustainable Family Solutions. Over the next few months, we’d love to introduce you to the fantastic support system we lean on, the strong women who have been in your shoes, and special people you can lean on as well.

As always, we’re here to support you. Reach out if you’re looking for an experienced lawyer to help you navigate your journey.

Reach out to Lori and the team at Sustainable Family Solutions

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Support from a Certified Divorce Specialist Realtor

Maci O’Grady is a REALTOR with Live.Laugh.Denver. Real Estate Group, and specializes in residential Real Estate with a focus on women who are going through a divorce, especially if they have children. Her certification as a Certified Divorce Specialist Realtor allows her to minimize stress and maximize the proceeds of selling a marital home by creating stability and clarity.

“In 2014, I found out I was getting a divorce. In an instant, my life changed,” Maci shared with us. “Where was I going to live? How would I be a single mom and relaunch my career?”

Maci took the opportunity to redefine herself. She purchased two homes and launched her Real Estate career. “The best advice I can give is when you find out or decide you’re getting a divorce, that’s the time to create your support system,” she adds. “There is no reason to go it alone.” Her support system is her lifeline; friends, family, mentors, and colleagues have allowed her to grow personally and professionally, making her a better woman, a better mother, and a better Realtor.

She also suggests finding a therapist or divorce coach, as well as getting the right divorce team in place.

As a Realtor that specializes in working with divorce Real Estate, Maci can provide you with all of the information, tools, and expertise to make the best financial decision for you and your family. She’d be honored to be a part of your support system.

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“I wanted to show my daughters what strength and independence looks like, and what can happen when you set an intention for your life.”



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