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Should I Hire A Florida Family Law Attorney?

There are a lot of online divorce, low cost divorce and flat fee divorce options available. Because of this, many...

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Father’s Day should be all year long for divorced Dads

Just because a couple divorces it should not change a father’s relationship with his children, yet often it does. Many...

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Dispute over time-sharing hinges on best interest of the child standard

When does the “best interest of the child” standard not apply? When it’s not the biological child of the person...

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Study: Children fare better in shared-parenting arrangements

There’s a new study out that pretty much supports what those who favor shared parenting arrangements have said all along:...

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Interfering with father’s parental relationships lands mother in contempt

All too often after a divorce, parents who have contempt for each other end up dragging their children into their...

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Joint and rotating custody: What to consider

Florida courts are considering joint and rotating custody in more and more divorce cases and there is even talk about...

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