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What Does Mediation Look Like For You?

If life has taken you down an unexpected path, you don’t have to walk it alone. Experiencing a divorce can...

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Do You Have a Simple Divorce?

Divorce is rarely simple. Think you’ll have a simple divorce? You may have not considered all of the factors, like: Family...

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How to Handle Finances During a Divorce

For the most part, divorce isn’t an easy process to go through. One aspect that truly can add stress to...

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Should I Hire A Florida Family Law Attorney?

There are a lot of online divorce, low cost divorce and flat fee divorce options available. Because of this, many...

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Florida Mediation resolves divorce issues

South Florida divorce mediator Lori Barkus helps couples settle their divorce without hiring lawyers. The divorce mediation process costs less...

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Who Gets the Family Pet in a Divorce?

Most families consider their pet as a part of the family. When it comes time in your divorce to decide...

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The path to an amicable divorce starts with you

Divorce is one of the most contentious life events anyone will go through. There are hard feelings, feelings of loss,...

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